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Yet Another “See ya later”

Many times I have been asked by people, “what the hardest thing about living overseas?”  My response is always the expected ones; the language, the food, the traffic, being away from friends and family, etc.  All of those answers are true and honest, but if I were honest with myself, they are not the MOST difficult part of being here.  That would be all the “goodbyes” or “see ya laters” that my family has to endure.  I am sure that you are thinking only about the “goodbyes” that we have to endure when we leave the US and those are definitely super difficult, but we go through so many on this side of the world as well.  Our city is the hub for much of the language learning for our country, so many people come to country to study and then go on to their place of work after a year or so. I love that my boys attend a small school.  It is more like a family.  The big kids hang out with the small ones and there is not this vast division between the classes.  This makes for a sweet spirit in the school, but when a class graduates, all the kids grieve the departure of these students, because many of them will not return.  It is a deeply emotional time.  So, you see everyone in my family is effected by the many “see ya laters”.  All of which leave a deep ache in our hearts.

This month I have had to endure two “see ya laters” and that really takes a toll on you emotionally.  As I sit here and think about these two amazing people that the Father allowed to enter my life my heart aches.  I grieve for these loses in two vastly different but both profound ways.  The first lady that I said “see ya later” too, was an amazing mentor, friend, prayer warrior, and inspiration.  I grieve for her out of my selfishness.  When I think of her sometimes I feel like a toddler, she is mine mine mine and I do not want to share her, but I can already see that the Father is going to use her in so many wonderful ways as she begins this new chapter of her life.  So, I must be a big girl and let her go with my prayers and support.  My other friend will leave on Monday.  She has been a constant in my life for the past three years.  We laugh together, cry together, taught together, learned together, and acted really goofy together.  I grieve her departure out of my deep sorrow, because this is only a “hopefully, I will see you later.”  Of all the “see ya laters” that we have to endure these are the hardest and require the most faith.  We serve a good Father and he has a plan for all of his children, even when we do not understand all the whys, whens and hows. So, I entrust my dear friend into the hands of the Father.  My prayer is that He places in her life people that will continue to soften her heart and I praise Him for allowing her to enter my life.

Now after having poured out my heart to you about the heartaches of “see ya laters”, would I trade this life now for my life before?  NOOOOOO!!!!  With each “see ya later” that we endure wither here or as we leave the US, we learn to trust in the Father’s plan more and we look forward to the time when we will see some of those dear friends/family again at the feet of the Father, praising His holy name!



Problem solved….Asher has a NEW bed and no longer has to climb the mattress mountain every night.  🙂

2014-09-20 15.23.47

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Work Out the Details Later

If you have talked to me much about my life here, you probably already know that things over here are either really expensive or really cheap.  There is not a lot of middle ground.  Well, one of the things that is really expensive is good mattresses.  Trey and I after a year here realized that we were to old to sleep on a foam mat, because it took about an hour for us to be able to stand up straight. So, we splurged and purchased a mattress. OUCH!!!  Brenden was actually the lucky one.  We were able to pack his full size mattress in our crate, so he was fine, but Asher still after almost four years was still sleeping on his foam mat.  He is such a great kid and never complained, but it was always in the back of our mind that eventually he would need a better mattress.  We were just not prepared for the OUCH yet.

This week God provided Asher with a new mattress and with no ouch to us.  Some good friend of ours are returning to the states and they were selling a lot of their stuff.  People do not understand yard sales here, but my friend sent out a mass email to all her friends with a list of all the items.  As soon as I saw the twin mattress for $7, I called.  Trey went yesterday to pick it up and to my surprise not only was it a mattress, but it also came with a box springs. Wow!  When Asher got home from school, we set up his new bed.  He was so excited…..until…..we realized that we were trying to fit a US mattress into a Asian bed.  Some of you will find this very funny, but Asian mattresses are about 5 inches LONGER than the standard American mattress and about 2 inches narrower.  Asher’s new mattress would not fit!!!  After much head shaking and many ideas, we worked out a solution so that he could sleep on his new bed.

2014-09-08 18.09.59

Yes folk!!!  Asher’s new mattress is about 3 and 1/2 feet off the ground.  He literally has to run and jump to get in.  We will have to work the details out later!!!  Right now we are just thankful for God’s provision, for a great nights sleep, and for our sweet friend that makes all our furniture by hand for CHEAP!!  God is good all the time!


Conquering a Fear Today!!

So, in my last post I listed all those things that I never dreamed I would be doing and that list could keep going on for a VERY long time, but today I am going to tell you about something that I did a lot in the states that until today I could not seem to do here.


Okay, yes I do drive to get the boys at school or to go to the small grocery in our neighborhood, but that really does not count.  You see we live in a community where the streets are wide, there are actual lines on the road, there is very little traffic (in comparison), and most people drive like they have a brain.  This is in comparison to what goes on once you leave our community, the roads are narrow, if there are lines the people do not stay between them, there is ALWAYS traffic which includes about 500 motorbikes, 50 horse drawn carriages, 10 food carts and 20 guys with pedicabs, AND most people drive like they left their brains at home.  So, I just could not bring my self to drive in that madness and for the past almost 4 years, I have relied on my husband or awesome friends to get me to town.

While we were in the states, I made a promise to myself that I would conquer this paralyzing fear and learn to drive before we returned again to the states.  If for no other reason than what would I do if there was an emergency and I HAD to go to town and no one was available to help me?  Today, I drove to town for the first time!!!  To say that I was nervous is the understatement of the century, but Trey and some very brave friends rode with me and NO ONE DIED!!!  I definitely need some more practice to get my confidence up, but I jumped a GIGANTIC hurdle today!

 YAY ME!!!!  🙂


Just a side note….this picture shows kind of what traffic is like here, but I would consider this a very light traffic day!!!