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Work Out the Details Later

on September 9, 2014

If you have talked to me much about my life here, you probably already know that things over here are either really expensive or really cheap.  There is not a lot of middle ground.  Well, one of the things that is really expensive is good mattresses.  Trey and I after a year here realized that we were to old to sleep on a foam mat, because it took about an hour for us to be able to stand up straight. So, we splurged and purchased a mattress. OUCH!!!  Brenden was actually the lucky one.  We were able to pack his full size mattress in our crate, so he was fine, but Asher still after almost four years was still sleeping on his foam mat.  He is such a great kid and never complained, but it was always in the back of our mind that eventually he would need a better mattress.  We were just not prepared for the OUCH yet.

This week God provided Asher with a new mattress and with no ouch to us.  Some good friend of ours are returning to the states and they were selling a lot of their stuff.  People do not understand yard sales here, but my friend sent out a mass email to all her friends with a list of all the items.  As soon as I saw the twin mattress for $7, I called.  Trey went yesterday to pick it up and to my surprise not only was it a mattress, but it also came with a box springs. Wow!  When Asher got home from school, we set up his new bed.  He was so excited…..until…..we realized that we were trying to fit a US mattress into a Asian bed.  Some of you will find this very funny, but Asian mattresses are about 5 inches LONGER than the standard American mattress and about 2 inches narrower.  Asher’s new mattress would not fit!!!  After much head shaking and many ideas, we worked out a solution so that he could sleep on his new bed.

2014-09-08 18.09.59

Yes folk!!!  Asher’s new mattress is about 3 and 1/2 feet off the ground.  He literally has to run and jump to get in.  We will have to work the details out later!!!  Right now we are just thankful for God’s provision, for a great nights sleep, and for our sweet friend that makes all our furniture by hand for CHEAP!!  God is good all the time!


4 responses to “Work Out the Details Later

  1. julie says:

    My grandsons have had the same problem with a boxspring and mattress being too high for them. Our solution was to put the boxspring on the floor and mattress on top. Worked out great for several years!!!


    • bellamylyon says:

      If I was still in the US that would be the perfect solution to our problem, but a lot of creepy crawly things come out at night here. I know that they can easily climb into a bed even if it is off the ground (I have first hand experience), but I just have trouble giving them an advantage by being directly on the floor. I guess there is always going to be a part of me that is American. 🙂


  2. Ed says:

    Why in the world would an Asian mattress be five inches longer? However, at 6’5″ I appreciate any mattress that is longer.


    • bellamylyon says:

      There is so much about this country that makes me giggle. The street signs that have people on them, like pedestrian crossing, all have pictures of chubby people. That is crazy!!! Most people here are SHORT and SMALL. Asia needs to trade signs with America. 🙂


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