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Guess what I got to do last week?!?!?

on November 3, 2014


Yes…I got to use my college education!!!!  🙂

A friend of mine who teaches at a village Preschool/Kindergarten invited me to come and talk with the kids about their T…T…T…Teeth.  The letter of the week was T.  It was so fun to share with these sweet smiling kids that loved to hear me speak their language and were quick to giggle when I made a mistake. I was also very lucky because many of the moms were at the school that day and were able to hear the presentation as well.  I am hoping that I will get some more opportunities to help my friend again and begin to build some friendships within this community.

The village currently does not have any excess to running water and is extremely poor.  The school itself was falling in around the kids.  There were huge cracks in the walls and the thatch ceiling was moldy and falling down. The community is made up primarily of family members that have lived together for generations.  The area where I live is trying to buy this village to build more new homes, but the village leaders have refused to sell.  They said that this is their home and they will not leave.  As I looked around at the homes in bad need of repair and the school that is just dangerous, my American brain said “SELL…SELL…SELL!!!  Get out while you still can?” But as I walked through the village and saw the smiling happy  people, I totally understood why this is home to them and they can never leave.  Their eyes are blind to the disrepair and the poor conditions.  They only see family, memories, and support for one another.  It is truly a beautiful place in spite of its outward appearance.



One response to “Guess what I got to do last week?!?!?

  1. Sharon Mathis says:

    I have been reading your blog tonight and have enjoyed hearing about return home. The pictures of the children and you showing them about brushing their teeth on the “Big Monkey.” They seemed to be enjoying it greatly.
    I had forgotten my password and found it today and have been reading all of your Newsletters and some of the Blogs tonight. They have been a ‘Blessing” to me. We will be remembering you and the family.


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