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Finally Day 18 is Here!!!

on November 9, 2014


Eighteen days ago today, Trey left for America, but today he is HOME!!!!

When we lived in the US, Trey had to do a lot of traveling for his work and it was not uncommon for me to not know exactly where he was.  Sometimes those places would be in Kentucky, so he would be home after a night or two, but occasionally he would have to go to Texas and California.  That would take him away from us for a week or so.  Those times we really missed him and I could count on something strange happening during that time, but we learned to “keep on keeping on”.  Thankful God provided us with family close by and amazing friends that would come at the drop of a hat if we had a major emergency.

BUT…This trip to the US has been the first time in 4 years that Trey has been gone from us for more than a few days.  Our house definitely feels weird and we are all excited that he is home and thankful that his time away was not too eventful.  We had a couple of sick days (Asher and I), but we also had some fun times as well.  We went to a car show, went swimming with friends, went to a soccer game, went to a “Fall” festival, and ATE WAY TO MUCH ICE CREAM!!!  There are perks to being home alone with your ice cream lovin’ momma!  🙂

As I think back at these past 18 days, I cannot help but praise the Father for his faithfulness to His children.  He has provided us such a support group here, just like in the US, that would drop everything if we needed them.  They knew we were “home alone” and invited us to hang out with them AND..they prayed for us.  WOW!!!  The body of Christ is amazing.  I had told a friend before Trey left that I was terrified that the entire time that he was gone that I would not sleep.  That is kind of my how it usually works. I hear every creak or pop in the house.   I want you to know that I have slept fine every night, even the nights that I had the stomach yuck.  I know that that is because people (here and in the US) were praying for us and we have experienced a peace that has passed all understanding.  God is soooo good!

Thank you everyone who took the time to left us up while Trey was away and to lift up Trey while he was in the US!

Your prayers were answered and we will forever be thankful for each one.


One response to “Finally Day 18 is Here!!!

  1. says:

    I always get excited to read your blog – keeps things in perspective for me. Years ago Phil traveled every week for 4 to 5 days and it was hard getting used to him being gone. But as you said we had wonderful friends who were always there to help if needed. Glad he is home and safe – ready to get back to working for the father. Love to all – Julie


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